IEEN is using several social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube, as well as its website. The channels have over 1000 followers from Europe. IEEN has a strong and long-term collaboration with a number of schools in Nicosia including the American International School Cyprus and French-Cypriot School in Nicosia. Furthermore, IEEN maintains connection with key corporate stakeholders in Cyprus including employment companies (Istothalassa Ltd), health organizations (Agecare (Cyprus Ltd) and medical product companies (e.g HealthPharma Ltd), as well as, policy makers and civil society organizations including the office of the Commissioner for Volunteerism, now part of the Deputy Ministry for Social Welfare, the NGO support center, and The Youth board of Cyprus. Finally, IEEN has a strong network of partners from many EU member states with whom we carried out Erasmus and European Solidarity programs.