The project „ Non-Formal Education will Stop Discrimination” is a training course which took place in Paphos, Cyprus, from 4-11 October 2018. During this period, 25 youth workers from Cyprus, Romania, Poland, Italy and Spain were learning non-formal methods that can be used to prevent and to stop discrimination attitudes among young people. 
The purpose of the project was to teach youth workers to identify, understand and disarm discrimination. We focused on youth workers that work in an area where discrimination is a problem. From our interaction with the young people in our communities, we discovered these main needs of our youth workers: 

  • a deeper understanding regarding discrimination 
  • quick identification of discrimination 
  • ways to discourage youngsters to discriminate and to be discriminated 
  • knowing methods of underlining the negative effects of discrimination 
  • a better way to communicate with the young people they work with 
  • more confidence in the capacity to make a change 
  • a bigger motivation to improve their work 
  • examples of good practices 
  • personal and professional development 
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