This project was born as a way to solve a problem that we identified among the youth workers we 
worked with in previous projects. 
This projects was created to be implemented with 25 youth workers.The countries involved are 
Cyprus, Romania, Spain, Poland and Italy. It will be facilitated by 2 trainers and one organizer. 
After we discussed in our team, we managed to formulate the need that we want to focus on in this 

“The youth workers don’t have enough competences regarding the preparation, implementation and evaluation of a training session” 

We created the problem tree and we managed to establish the three objectives of the TC: 
At the end of the 7 months, the 25 youth workers will:

  1. Gain more knowledge about the competences of a good trainer, will understand the complexity of preparing a training session, will be more aware of the role of a trainer and they will understand the power of a well prepared non-formal method. 
  2. Improve their communication skills, animation skills, will be able to conduct a debriefing and evaluate a training session. 
  3. Understand the power of a well prepared trainer and his ability to improve other people’s competences, will gain more trust in their ability to be trainers, they will understand their own strengths and how to use that in a training, they will have a more open attitude toward non-formal learning and they will want to produce a change in young people’s lives.
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