The project “Learn to create New, Fun and Exciting METHODS in NFE! – NFE METHODS!!” is a training course which is financed by the European Commission through Erasmus+ programme (2014-2020), Key Action 1 in youth worker mobility. The project lasted 6 months while the training course itself took place in Larnaca from 29/9/2017 until 9/10/2017, with 30 participants(including 2 trainers) from 7 countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Portugal, Poland, Italy and Spain) . 
in this training course we had as our main objective to help youth workers participating to develop further their skills in terms of NFE through better understanding of its various aspects, and its importance for the development of a group with y.p at a local level, of the communities at a regional level, and of society at an international level . Together with partners we worked with y.w, so they could learn methods in order to motivate , develop their knowledge about the world of Erasmus+, the Youth-Pass, Project writing/implementing and the 8 key competences, understand deeper the y.p. behavior, especially the needs of the disadvantaged. 

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